Lubricants and Sealants shipped to your home, job site, gov’t site or business. Engine Oil, Grease… for operational readiness & sustainment.

Rocket City Oil, LLC is focused on lubricity, logistics support, facilities and fleet support services to enhance mission readiness and sustainment on land, sea, air or space.

We provide products that meet demanding military, aerospace, aviation, industrial specifications, and ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B Certified.

We provide Environmental Considerate Lubricants (ECLs, EALs). These are the same lubricants that are currently being used in the hydraulic systems of the London Eye, each of the 496 ton lock gates at Niagara Falls, 170 units on the lock gates of the Panama Canal, and used by top marine and dredging companies.

Our Markets

  • Automotive & Truck Maintenance

  • Aerospace

  • Agriculture

  • Aviation

  • Trucking & Transportation

  • Heavy Construction

  • Industrial

  • Mining

  • Marine

  • Municipalities

  • Government (Fed, State, DoD)

Lubricants & Sealants

  • Aviation & Aerospace Lubricants

  • Heavy Duty Motor Oil

  • Car & Truck Motor Oil

  • Air Show Smoke Oil

  • Greases

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

  • Gear Lubes

  • Specialty Sealants