With X-1R, engines run:

  • Smoother
  • Quieter
  • Cooler
  • Faster
  • More efficiently
  • Longer

Because X-1R:

  • Penetrates & impregnates the metal
  • Smoothes out microscopic imperfections
  • Reduces friction and temperature
  • Reduces wear
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Eliminates carbon and wax build up
  • Will not alter oil viscosity
  • Compatible with all seals and gaskets
  • Non hazardous and Non flammable

Directions: For initial treatment, substitute 2 oz. per quart of oil used, for subsequent engine oil changes, substitute 1 oz per quart of oil used. For example: if your vehicle takes 6 quarts of engine oil, 2oz x 6qrts = reduce 12 oz of motor oil and substitute X-1R for your initial treatment.

… and with over 75 million bottles of X-1R sold since 1989, the award winning, certified space technology of X-1R continues to provide proven value!


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Fuel Savings for Big Rigs & RVs

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X-1R Airplane Test

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X-1R Testing

Fuel Economy Test – Gerald Micklow, Ph.D., President, Performance Engineering, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Dr. Gerald Micklow, President of Performance Engineering: an American Society of Mechanical Engineers comprehensive test plan was performed for the validation of fuel economy improvements.  This was done according to industry standards and American Society for Testing Standards.  

X-1R was proven to increase fuel economy an average of 7-10% verified by American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Load Bearing Test – Falex Corporation

The protection values of the lubricants with the addition of the X-1R Concentrate at 6% ratio were for all intents and purposes doubled and the reduction of wear was even greater.  Therefore fewer breakdowns, less downtime and diminished mechanical failures should be apparent.

Metal Treatment – QC Laboratories

QC Laboratories test results confirms and validates X-1R impregnates the surface of ferrous metals, in metal to metal contact situations, thereby increasing the Rockwell-B-Hardness from 35 Rb to 72 Rb.

Wear Reduction – Dr. Gary Barber, Ph.D., Oakland University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Under the supervision of Dr. Gary Barber, a consulting engineer for Detroit Diesel, tests were performed and concluded that X-1R reduced wear up to 47%.

Vibration Analysis – Delco Remy

A controlled maintenance users group performed vibration analysis testing on X-1R.  The results show that adding X-1R to premium SH rated oil and grease significantly reduced vibration in their equipment.  It resulted in higher productivity, longer equipment life, less downtime and less effects in manufactured parts.

Oil Analysis – Herguth Laboratories, Inc.

Spectrochemical data shows compatibility of X-1R with name brand lubricants and shows X-1R does not affect viscosity of oil.

X-1R is Non-Conductive – U.E.C.

U.E.C. Electrical test report shows X-1R does not conduct electricity and has exceeded OSHA’s requirements of 69KV.

Swedish Tribology Test

Swedish National Testing and Research Institute confirms tribological testing with X-1R added to oil, increased the surface density of the metal, therefore, reducing wear.

NASA – Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center:  The predictive engineering technology group proved X-1R when added to a common lubrication oil or a superior high quality performance oil will significantly reduce operating temperatures in equipment.