Rocket City Oil, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), registered in Alabama, focused on mission support services to enhance operational readiness and sustainment on land, sea, air or space.


What We Do (Competencies)

1️⃣ We offer lubricant solutions for military assets used in tactical, combat and storage conditions. Eco-friendly lubricants used for operational, preventative and protective measures against friction and rust corrosion.

2️⃣ We offer Military and Commercial AirFrame/Aerospace Products delivered to your site or warehoused in Huntsville, Alabama.

3️⃣  We offer custom maintenance solutions tailored to your needs, enabling you to capture, track, and analyze critical fleet data such as work order completions, daily or hourly vehicle usage, fuel consumption, inspection requirements, maintenance and repair history, associated expenses, and other total costs of ownership metrics.

Federal Experience (Differentiator)

➡️ NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (15 yrs) with Booz Allen Hamilton, Dynetics, and All Points as a Support Contractor, leading efforts in Program Support, Project Planning, Customer Experience Management, Process Improvement, and Innovation Management. NOAA Supplier. DLA Supplier, JCP Certified.

➡️ Significant reach back to the lubricant industry, and access to a large number of distribution points across the USA, for the benefit of our customers.

Mil-Spec Lubricants (Gallon, Drum, Bulk)

Aircraft: Fire Resistant Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid – MIL-PRF-83282D(1), Fire Resistant Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid – MIL-PRF-87257D, Aircraft, Hydraulic Fluid, Missile, Ordinance, Petroleum Base – MIL-PRF-5606J.

Ground Vehicles: Hydraulic Fluid, Rust Inhibited Fire Resistant, Synthetic Hydrocarbon – MIL-PRF-46170E TYPE 1.

Sea: Lubricating Oil, Steam Turbine And Gear, Moderate Service – MIL-PRF-17331L, Hydraulic Fluid, Inhibited, Petroleum Base – MIL-PRF-17672E.


Military and Commercial AirFrame/Aerospace Products

Wire: AS22759, AS81044

Cable: WC27500, M17, SAE-AS85485

Sleeving: ASTM-DTL-23053

Termination Sleeves: AS83519

Copper Braid: A-A-59569

Backshells: Isodyne

Mil-Spec Loud Speakers

LS-305/SIC  NSN: 5965-00-636-2462

LS-306/SIC  NSN: 5965-01-099-2696

LS-387/SIC  NSN: 5965-00-296-1808

LS-388/SIC NSN:5965-00-636-2181

LS-474/U     NSN: 5965-00-892-3597

LS-530/SIC NSN:5965-00-857-4014

LS-535/SIC NSN: 5965-01-229-0786

LS-657/SIC NSN: 5965-01-503-3960

LS-688/VRC  NSN: 5965-01-382-3222

NAICS Codes:

561210 – Facilities Support Services

541330 – Agency Operations, Program Planning and Acquisition

541330 – Engineering Services

424720 – Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers

324191 – Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing

325998 – Fuel Additives, Greases, Synthetic Lubricating, Hydraulic Fluids

335929 – Other Communication and Energy Wire Manufacturing

334310 – Audio and Video Equipment – Mil Spec Loud Speakers

425120 – Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers

424690 – Other Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers

FSC Codes:

9150 – Oils and Greases: Cutting, Lubricating, and Hydraulic

8040 – Adhesives

6145 – Wire and Cable

5935 – Electrical Connectors

5965 – Headsets, Handsets, Microphones and Speakers

9999 – Miscellaneous Items

Contact Rocket City Oil, LLC – To order, send purchase order to Rocket City Oil, LLC (SDVOSB) or call 256.384.5540

Defense Logistics Agency JCP Certified.

State of Alabama Supplier #23562