Lubricants and Fuel delivered to your job site. Engine Oil, X-1R Certified Space Technology, Hydraulic Fluid, Grease, Automotive Chemicals, Food Grade Lubricants … for operational readiness & sustainment.

Rocket City Oil, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), registered in Alabama, focused on mission support services to enhance operational readiness and sustainment on land, sea, air or space.

We provide Engine Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Grease, X-1R Certified Space Technology, Automotive Chemicals, Food Grade Lubricants and Specialty Products … based on your needs and delivered in cases, drums, totes, tanks or bulk.

We can provide Fuel such as Diesel (On-Road, Off-Road), Gasoline, Biodiesel, Ethanol 24/7/365, delivering 8,800 gallons to your location.

We provide products that meet demanding military, aerospace, aviation, industrial specifications, and ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B Certified.

And, we can provide Environmental Considerate Lubricants (ECLs, EALs).

Located in North Alabama, we offer a variety of quality products and services, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs, where ever your job takes you.

State of Alabama Supplier #23562


  • Industrial – Food Grade Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluid, Metalworking Fluids, Industrial Engine Oils, Greases, Others

  • Automotive/Trucking – Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluids, Break Fluids, Coolants, Greases, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel and Diesel Defrost, Others

  • AgriculturalEngine Oil, Tractor Hydraulic Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, Gear Oil, Greases, Others

  • Marine – Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Turbine Oil, Greases, Others

  • Aerospace – Gas Turbine Oils, Piston Engine Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Others

  • Mil-Spec Hydraulic Fluid: MIL-PRF-87252E (NATO: S-1746), MIL-PRF-83282D(1) (NATO: H-537), MIL-PRF-46170E TYPE I (NATO: H-544), MIL-PRF-872557C (NATO: H-538), MIL-PRF-19457D, MIL-PRF-6083G (NATO: C-635), MIL-PRF-5606J (NATO: H-515), MIL-PRF-12070E(1) (NATO: F-62), MIL-PRF-17672E

  • Mil-Spec Lubricating Oil: MIL-PRF-7870E (NATO: O-142), MIL-PRF-6085E (NATO: O-147), MIL-PRF-17331L (NATO: O-250), MIL-PRF-6081E (NATO: O-133), MIL-PRF-6086F(1), MIL-PRF-63460F TY:A (NATO: S-758)

Fuel 24/7/365, delivering 8,800 gallons to your location.

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel (On-Road, Off-Road)

  • Biodiesel

  • Ethanol

Rocket City Oil Big Wheels Semi Truck