OEM and Mil-Spec Wire, Cable, Connectors, and related products warehoused in Huntsville, Alabama. Stored or Delivered to your site. To order, send purchase order to Rocket City Oil, LLC (SDVOSB)  support@rocketcityoil.com or call 256.384.5540

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Airbus Wire / Cable (EN)

  • Boeing (BMS)

  • Hughes (HMS)

  • Lockheed (5PTM101, C48, C49, LAC)

  • McDonnell Douglas (5M and ST)

  • Ministry of Defense

  • NASA (SSQ Space Station Fiber/Copper)

  • Harris Cables (10075)

  • Bell (140 and 285)

  • Sikorsky SS8548, SS7614, SS7615, SS7616, SS7326


  • Seamless Composite

  • F-16 Headset Cable

  • Airbus Wire / Cables

  • Filterline Wire / Cables

  • IFE 10 Gig Cables

Mil-Spec Wire – M76, M5086, M5846, M8777, M16878, AS22759, M25038, AS81044, M81381, M81822, C10575, HP3, MPD 1506, NASMS20995, A-A-59551, QQ-W-343

Mil-Spec Cable – M17, M3432, M7078, M13777, M24640, M24643, M27072, WC27500, M47206, M49055, MIL-DTL-55021, SAE-AS85485

Mil-Spec Tubing – AMS DTL23053, M23053/1 2:1 CL1, M23053/1 2:1 CL2, M23053/4 2.5:1, M23053/4 2:1, M23053/5 Class 1, M23053/5 Class 2, M23053/5 Class 3, M23053/6 2:1 CL1, M23053/6 2:1 CL2, M23053/8 2:1, M23053/11 1.3:1, M23053/11 1.6:1, M2053/12 2:1, M23053/12 2:1, M2305/12 2:1, M23053/12 4:1, M23053/13 2:1, M23053/15 3:1, M23053/16 2:1M23053/18 2:1

Low Loss Cable – LL142, LL335, LL335i, SS402, SS405

Sleeving and Molded Shapes – M631, M3190, M7444, M22129, ASTM-DTL-23053, M46846, M47203, M81265, MS3109, MS3117, AMS6353, ASTMD3295

Termination Sleeves – NAS-1744, NAS-1745, NAS-1746, AS83519

Cable Ties – MS3367, MS3368

Lacing Tapes – M713, M43435, A-A-52080 thru A-A-52084

Copper Braid – QQ-B-575, A-A-59569, BAC 3106, BAC 3108

Backshells – Isodyne

Connectors – D38999, M85049

Hyperboloid Connectors – IEH has been chosen time and again, by engineers who understood that for immunity to shock and vibration, low-insertion force, high-current carrying capacity and resistance to fretting and corrosion, there is no better solution than IEH’s signature Hyperboloid connectors.

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